For someone who makes their living as a developer and blogger, its hard to unplug. I’m constantly juggling social media accounts for my blog and other projects, not to mention assisting with my friend's accounts.

This past week, I finally got motivated to digitally declutter and organize my entire online presence. I am nowhere near finished, but a fresh start feels great. A new blog layout, branding, and organization has gone a long way to make me feel back in control. Now that my blog better reflects my content, I’m feeling re-energized and invigorated.

It’s amazing how much the clutter in your digital life can affect you. Sometimes I like the ability to filter out all the noise. Lately, it felt more like an identity crisis trying to remember logins, which accounts were active, what was private vs public. I felt the need to take a break from doing and just organize.

I've separated my personal life from my public profiles. On instagram, you can now follow my blog @seamsunbiased and my paper @paperselvage. I also created a new pinterest for my blog. This really helped me figure out my branding as well as create a better target audience. I'm seeing a huge spike in followers and users before I even added new content so thank you!

On a personal level, I have unsubscribed to inactive blogs and newsletters I never actually got into reading as well as deleted profiles from stores I've never shop at and websites I don't use. For the sites I do use, I went into my preferences and reduced the amount of emails I receive regularly. It felt just as good as cleaning out my closet. I'm now receiving far less junk e-mail. For old fashion snail mail, I also use Catalog Choice, which is an online service that removes you from catalog and other unwanted mailings.

Now that there is far less noise and my social media is organized, I feel more focused on doing. I'm redrafting and reshooting some of my old recipes from past blogs. I've stacked up shoots of finished projects unshared and my pile of unfinished sewing is next to the machine ready to be sewn this week. In addition, I'm already receiving custom orders for the holidays so I'm continuing to work on organizing my paper store.
I ordered the above business cards to showcase my handmade paper business. Moo.com makes the best quality cards. They're currently offering 25% off for the rest until tomorrow so definitely check them out.

Well it may seem petty to spend a week organizing your online presence, it is worth it in the long run. Despite having a few more profiles, I am actually spending less time online and have more time to be creative. After all, do you even remember the last time you spend a whole day offline?

While working at home, I often put the TV on in the background. I rarely pay attention to it but appreciate the company of the white noise. Gordon Ramsay shows are great in this regard. Jokingly, I kept ordering Alex in my best Ramsay impression to make me a Beef Wellington for dinner. This seemed a bit ridiculous considering we are both celiac but one day he thought of using my gluten free pie crust so during my usual banter, he simply said "okay" and behold, a gluten free Beef Wellington!


Last week I shared my revamped version of a traditional gluten free pie crust but today I'd like to share a not so traditional use of the same pastry dough - savory iced cinnamon rolls. 

These are more of a breakfast scone since they aren't as soft or sweet as a typical sticky bun but they are just as good. The perfect pairing to your morning coffee!


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